SOLVER Born in 2004, Solver is a forward looking company focused on washing and dyeing solution that are need to create sustainable textile industry for 21st century in bangladesh .For last fifteen years,We have successfully implemented thousands of dyeing and washing solutions along with a very Strong Tecnical service team. Our capital partner is Yilmak Making A S from Turkey with whom we are working with Jiyane(China),Eliar(Turkey),Iber Ledger (Spain),Canworld(China), Entema(Turkey). We mange your machines so that you can manage your business. Every year we are attending different international trade fares all around the world to enrich our knowledge on washing industry of Bangladesh. Here are some few glimpse of such events.

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Corporate Office:
ABC SKYRISE, 26 Shahjalal Avenue, 5th Floor, Sector 04. Uttara. Dhaka -1230, Bangladesh.
CTG Office:
Fatema Heights, Suite No:C-2(2nd Floor),16 Agrabad Commercial Area,Chittagong-4100, Bangladesh.