CDE360 series high-performance vector:
Technical features:
  1. Wide voltage range input
    Power voltage: -15% - 10%, 47 Hz - 63 Hz; provided with under-voltage underclocking output function that extends the applicable range of power voltage to -30% (e.g. extending the applicable range of a 380 V VFD to 266 V - 440 V).
  2. High disturbance resistance
    Pulse group tests: ± 4,800 V
    Static (air discharge): 8,000 V
    Static (contact discharge): 6,000 V
    Provided with EMI circuit + lightning protection design.
  3. Phase-phase and phase-to-earth short circuit protection. Any phase-phase short circuit protection < 8uSec U, V and W phase-to-earth short circuit protection.
  4. Anti-corrosion treatment 8 µm nickel plating, and three layers of British conformal coating for key parts.
  5. Power source of control signals:
    External power supply of +10 V and +24 V, both provided with short circuit protection The +10 V power supply is provided with a current output of 30 mA. The +24 V power supply is provided with a large current output of 200 mA.
  6. Overload capacity:
    The Type G VFDs of all series have an overload capacity of one minute under 150% of overload, while for Type L, one minute under 120%.
  7. Comprehensive configuration:
    Supports an extended relay board: four extended relays (T3 - T4) and one Y terminal (Y3), supporting up to 6 relay outputs; and for CDE360-4T30G/37L and lower types, a built-in braking unit is provided.
  8. Revs tracking:
    Smooth tracking that is successfully completed in one time is guaranteed, whether the motor is revolving forward or backward, and the revolving speed high or low.
  9. Low-frequency current output is highly close to sine with large torque. 0.5 Hz, the motor can output 100% of its rated torque.
  10. Premium rapid start and shutdown performance (1 s, acceleration and deceleration)
  11. Supporting multiple-pumps control. Supporting constant and circulation modes of frequency variation. A single unit can drive two pumps, or, with an extended relay board, four pumps. Supporting soft start of auxiliary pumps. Supporting timing automatic switching.
  12. Supporting more functions:
    * The extended length of the keyboard is up to 1,000 m;
    * Wobbling frequency, length conversion and counting;
    * PID + feedback offline detection + sleep and arousing;
    * Inching, multi-speed and simple PLC;
    * Supporting dynamic braking, DC injection braking and magnetic flux braking;
    * Undervoltage points, undervoltage underclocking points;
    * Overvoltage stalling points, dynamic braking points; overvoltage points may be set flexibly;
    * The keyboard supports parameter copying;
    * Supporting expiration functions (on special occasions, for distributors to recover payments);
    * Supporting storage of the latest three failures;
    * AI/AO user correction to acquire analog quantity input and output of high accuracy;
    * Supporting customized parameter display for quick and convenient access to expected parameters;
    * Supporting non-defaulted value display to identify rapidly parameters different from the factory values by groups;
    * Provided with brake control function for some lifting industries.
CDE501 series MINI vector VFD:
Technical features:
  1. So compact with a width, height and depth of 8.6 cm, 14.5 cm and 12 cm respectively only.
  2. The panel supports external access that allow copying of parameters.
  3. The standard RS485 interface constitutes an independent VFD network, making it possible to set the VFD as a master or slave for master-slave control.
  4. Impulse/analog input and output channels.
  5. 16 segments of speed control.
  6. Multiple setting channels for running frequency/commands.
  7. Provided with output terminals for disconnecting relays, supporting connection with 220 VAC/0.5A AC loads or DC loads.
  8. Provided with function of wobbling frequency for weaving, widely applicable to various spinning equipment.
  9. Built-in user’s timer/counter.
  10. Built-in multi-pump control logic. With extended relays of Terminal Y, one-driving-two constant-pressure water supply can be realized.
CDE500 series high-performance medium:
Technical features:
  1. Provided with an open-loop vector control permanent magnet synchronous motor, easy to wire and highly accurate in revs control, reducing on-site faults.
  2. High dynamic responses, rapidly responding to the given value of speed while guaranteeing the stability of output revs, which allows the system to catch up with the load changes timely, thus increasing the operation efficiency of the system.
  3. Premium overcurrent and overvoltage resistance.
  4. The oscilloscope function of the background monitoring software monitors the real-time operation status of the VFDs for on-site commissioning.
  5. Parameter copying function of the keyboard.
  6. The PWM overmodulation improves the utilization of busbar voltage and increases the output voltage of VFDs, hence is applicable to cases in which the network voltage is low or there is heavy or impact load on a long-term basis.
  7. Multiple braking modes: Deceleration DC injection braking; starting DC injection braking; dynamic braking; and magnetic flux braking.

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