Yilmak Makina A.S Turkey -A leading garment washing and dyeing machinery manufacturer in istambul, Turkey . Yilmak Makina is a sister concern company of Yilteks Group which was the 1st insdustrial garment washing laundry in Corlu, Turkey established on 1968. Based on Yilteks own garment washing experience, Later on Yilteks started its own Garment Washing and Dyeing Machine Manufacturing with the name of Yilmak Makina A.S.

HBM 3860 S-D:

Excellence comes along with experience. 50 years of experience in Garment Dyeing with YILTEKS Garment Dye House guided us to create the HBM-D Garment Dyeing Machines. HBM – D Dyeing Machines are providing perfect solutions for reactive dyeing, pigment dyeing, dischargable dyeing, direct dyeing and all other garment dyeing operations. Patented Jet Dyeing System is also coming as an extra water and chemical saving benefit of HBM – D Garment Dyeing Machines.

Rainforest RF 400:

Rainforest technology; we opened a new chapter for garment washing industry. Thanks to our world wide patented design which is reducing the usage of resources such as water, steam, chemical and providing shorter process time, meanwhile increasıng the efficiency. Daily production outcome ıs 50% -70% higher as compared to conventional front loading washing machines.

Ozone Washing Systems:

Wet & Dry Ozone Treatment Operations will help us more in the future compared to today. With innovative ideas and solutions of Yilmak, we support our customers to produce gaements with a lower carbon footprint. Thanks to our New Generation Plasma Ozone Generators, Ozone treatment enables hack staining cleaning bleaching and ding or a used look and reducing the number of washes tor reduced water consumption

Rainbow RB 220:

Our brand new garment dyeing machine Rainbow allows dyeing at a decreased liquor ratio by the help of a second external drum which prevents the water in the machine leave the inner drum. The second external drum which covers the inner drum keeps the product inside water at all times. This both enables a healthier dyeing process and prevents outwearing of the product by decreasing friction. Rainbow dyeing machine is suitable for all kinds of dyeing. Advantages:
• For water saving, it dyes at a 1:2 liquor ratio without using any pump and filter. Thus it is less energy consuming than other decreased liquor ratio dyeing machines, easier to maintain and use.
• It saves water 70% more compared to conventional methods and 30% more compared to jet spray machines.
• It saves 50% chemical and up to 15% dye compared to other front loading machines.
• It can be loaded with 30% more products compared to other front loading machines,thus increases productivity.

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