CHI series HMI:
1. Hardware features:
  1. CPU: 600/720 MHz ARM Cortex A8
  2. 5 serial ports: supporting RS232/RS485/RS422.
  3. LCD: TFT true color LCD, 260,000 colors.
  4. RAM: 128 M/512 M DDRⅢ
  5. Storage: FLASH mass storage, supporting 128 M/4 G EMMC.
  6. Supports Ethernet. CAN bus.
2. Interface and equipment support:
  1. USB camera
  2. Mini printer
  3. Wireless Ethernet
  4. USB scanner
  5. Serial port scanner
  6. Contactless IC card/magnetic card reader
  7. Laser printer
  8. Network printing
  9. USB fingerprint identifier
  11. RS232/RS485/RS422
  12. Web camera
3. Software features:
Formula browser
  1. Formula files support groups and ingredients of a greater amount.
  2. Through PLC addresses, you can control both uploading and downloading of formula and choose the corresponding data for operation.
  3. You can name files in the HMI interface. A mix of Chinese, letters and numbers is supported.
User authorization
  1. Administration in levels: authorization of various levels assures you of safe operation and information.
  2. You may set user groups and allocate different access authorization to each of them.
  3. You may set authorization level required for access to each part.
  4. The operation record can record the operation of an authorized user during his/her use.
  1. Payment in installments is supported.
  2. For installments settings, only a key and the first due time are required to configure.
  3. The password of installments will be generated by the “Mini Dynamic Password Tool” with the key and the new due time. The HMI will identify the next due time automatically according to the password.
  4. In case of dynamic installments, the you need generate a password message communication only instead of memorizing the passwords of payment for each installment.
  5. HMI data may be monitored in a real-time manner through the communication between the message module and HMI.
  6. The alarms of HMI may be messaged to the mobile phones of multiple users through the message module.
  7. Users may send commands through messaging via mobile phone to control the operation of HMI.

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